Choices For Wedding Flowers

Published on: Jul 21st, 2018

Congratulations! You are getting married!

You found the dress of your dreams, shopped with your Bridesmaids to choose the perfect dresses for your perfect day.
The venue you want is available, you have booked with them and that’s taken care of, your Church, photographer,
the cake, the food, Mom’s dress, most of everything is done, you’ve planned for the perfect Honeymoon. What’s left?
The Flowers!

Did you know that there is cultural evidence of the use of flowers in weddings dating back to the earliest of historical times?
Therefore, flowers have always been an integral part of the wedding rite of passage.  Imagine all the changes that have occurred
with the use of flowers for weddings over thousands of years.  My point being, there have been recent changes in your options to
purchase flowers for your wedding and reception.

Of course, you can come to Spedale's Florist, or any other local flower shop and allow the professional floral designers to create
a unique one of a kind wedding just for you. Your dream wedding designed specifically to your dreams and choices. Additionally,
Spedale's Florist also offers special wedding packages which offer a certain number of items priced as a package.  But once
again, although a package, it is created uniquely for you.

Why do I keep saying uniquely for you? As mentioned before, with all of the changes in wedding flowers since recorded time, you do
have other choices for wedding flowers from many fine companies which can be placed online. Some of these are priced extremely
competitive and you will be shipped directly to your door in boxes. You can purchase them or you can rent them. The choices are limitless.

Now I know you are wondering, why is Spedale's Florist in Lafayette, Louisiana, telling me about all the different options for my wedding
flowers? I have mentioned all of these options to assist you in preparing for your special day. We would love to be your florist of
choice.  But we also want you to know that making your wedding dreams come true is even more important.  Even if we don't sell you flowers
for your wedding, we want it to be the special day you have always wanted.  So when the time has come to select where you are going to
purchase your wedding flowers, make sure you are not settling for a "low price" or that "special deal" online.  Read the fine print and make sure
you understand what is included, fee's that may be added, when and how you have to repackage and send back.  These different floral options
might be the perfect choice for you. I encourage you to do your homework and shop around about the details when you place your order online
for wedding flowers. There are many fine companies offering these services, please research them to know exactly what you are receiving.
The last thing you need on your special day is a surprise detail that you didn't know about.

It is my feeling that if you are getting married in Lafayette or the surrounding areas, your Lafayette Louisiana Florist will be the best
equipped to get your flowers delivered on the day of your wedding.  You won't have to watch for a tracking number to make sure the flowers
get to town in time. Most importantly, and this is the part as a professional florist i have to say, I want to create a unique look and feel
for your wedding. I want to meet with you.  Look at pictures with you, find out what your dream is, and then come up with designs that meet
your dreams and stay within your budget. A professional designer can create that custom look just for you.  And believe it or not, your
local florist can compete with the online pricing.  All you have to do is give us a chance. Further, just as with the online choices, shop
around and research all your potential vendors.

Spedale's Florist Weddings are designed with the highest quality flowers available on today’s flower market. All of our flowers come directly
from the growers that we work with every week.  Make the worry free choice and purchase your wedding flowers from a professional florist.
You can count on us to pay attention to those little details that mean so very much on one of the most important days of your life.
And, most importantly, enjoy every minute of your special day!

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