Farm Direct Flowers

Published on: Nov 9th, 2018

Stop the panic attack from online wholesale flowers not showing up on time! Twice this week I have received frantic phone calls from customers in utter panic with the same exact issue - "My wholesale/bulk flowers I ordered online didn't get here for my event, can you please help me find flowers?"  This can be very stressful when you are handling the floral needs yourself for an event or wedding. Flowers need more care than one would imagine, and that includes the ordering and shipping of the flowers. Spedale's Florist and Wholesale offers Farm Direct Wholesale Flowers each and every day.  Ordering locally from Spedale's in Lafayette you can be assured that your flowers are not just another bulk order from an online retailer. All we do, each and everyday, is FLOWERS.  Retail or Wholesale, we can handle your floral needs.  We will monitor your order to assure that your wholesale and bulk orders will be in town and on time when you need it.  We have multiple backup farms ready to ship at all times. Most events are planned in advance and it is always advisable to place your wholesale and bulk order at least three to four weeks in advance.  However, we also have the ability to Fedex overnight flowers from all over the world for next day pickup (if ordered by noon) to Lafayette or anywhere in the United States.  Ordering fresh flowers from Spedale's assures you of very competitive pricing and the highest quality premium flowers. So next time you are in the market to purchase large quantities of fresh flowers, roses, greens, or green plants, please consider allowing Spedale's to quote a price for you. We pride ourselves on quality and service.  We will do whatever is necessary to help your event be a success.  You can access our website portal via Feel free to send any inquiries to or call 337-233-4404. Due to the nature of these orders, we prefer to take your order via email or phone so we can discuss the details and make sure you get exactly what you need at the best possible price.  Every order is a special order and is treated as such. 

As always, all of us at Spedale's in Lafayette Louisiana want you to have a wonderful experience working with flowers.  It is our life and we love it.  We are here for you in any way that we can be.  





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