I Need To Order Flowers. What Do I Need To Know?

Published on: Feb 21st, 2018

By Thomas Spedale, Louisiana Master Florist.

Have you ever found yourself in the situation that you needed or felt like you wanted to order flowers, but you were unsure of what to order? First and foremost, sending flowers is a way to express your thoughts and feelings to the recipient. The sentiment of sending flowers is universal and can relate to any event or occasion. Flowers can be sent to your spouse, loved one, professional acquaintance, employee, thank you, etc... Sending flowers allows you to show the recipient that you were thinking of them (female or male). Therefore, the decision comes down to what do you want to send.  Many floral consumers are very knowledgeable about flowers. They know exactly what they want - color, style, flowers to be used, and the price range of the arrangement. But some consumers need advice on what they should send. This is where your professional local florist is an invaluable asset. If, after searching the internet, you find yourself confused with all of the choices and prices, pick up the phone and call your local florist (I would like to think you would call Spedale's Florist). Tell them the occasion and your budget.  Yes, I did bring up budget. Having a budget in mind is important so the florist can make suggestions to you within what you intend to spend. Beautiful floral arrangements can range from $12 to the sky is the limit. If you are unsure of what flowers cost, visiting a website like www.spedales.com can give you price ranges. You also have the choice of picking up the flowers yourself, or having them delivered locally, nationally and even worldwide. So with that said, what do you really need to know to order flowers? You need to know the recipient, their address, phone number, the occasion, your card message (the florist can help you write this if you ask), and budget.  Sending flowers should always make you feel good since you are sending your sentiments to another person. Every professional florist knows this and will do everything in their power to make the experience a good one. Of course, for some occasions like a wedding, party, family funeral pieces or a corporate event, a personal meeting with a floral consultant is advised.  I would suggest that you call ahead and make an appointment so the consultant will have a reserved time for you. As you can see, sending flowers doesn't have to be a difficult process.  Visit your local florist's website or call them, they will do the rest. 



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