Why Use A Local Florist?

Published on: Jun 6th, 2018

Thomas Spedale, Owner

Why should you use a local florist? I can't think of a better topic to discuss with all of the options available to you as a consumer. First and foremost, it makes me happy to see anyone purchase flowers, no matter from where, just the fact that the consumer decided to spend their hard earned money on flowers. I am a true believer that flowers are a special wonder of nature that should be enjoyed by everyone. The colors, the fragrance, the natural beauty cannot be denied.  So to all of the people reading this that like to purchase flowers, thank you.

Now we come to the question, where should you purchase your flowers. Should you order online, should you go into a local florist, should you use a national website or a local florist who has a website? The answer to this is that you have many options available to you on a daily basis, including the convenience of picking up flowers while doing your grocery shopping.  So who do you use? Personally, I would like to think that your local florist or flowershop would be your first choice for any floral needs that you may have. Your local florist is a professional in the industry and is an expert about the product that they sell. This is all we do, we sell flowers and floral arrangements for any event or occasion, big or small. We are experts at it.  When you place your order with a local florist you can be assured of same day delivery if ordered by noon.  Your local florist stays on top of all the current trends, styles, designs that the consumer is seeking.  Moreover, the design staff is always available to answer questions or make suggestions to guide you in your floral selection. The service offered by a locally owned company is second to none.

With all of that said, why specifically should you consider using Spedale's Florist and Wholesale and www.spedales.com? Spedale's Florist is a local florist located in Lafayette Louisiana.  We have been open since 1984 and are owned by the Spedale Family.  Of all the flower shops in Lafayette, we like to believe we are among the finest flower shops you will find anywhere in Lafayette, Louisiana, or for that matter the United States.  As one of the leading florists in Lafayette, we are also one of two florists wholesalers in the area. What does that mean to you the consumer? We have a very large selection of fresh flowers at all times for any event or occasion that you might need. Additional services we offer are balloons delivery for birthday, food basket gifts, fresh flowers delivered, wedding flower wholesale, floral wholesale, and so much more. It doesn't matter the occasion, Spedale's is florist in Lafayette you should contact first. 



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