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Published on: Feb 11th, 2019

Guest Post - Arrie Broussard From Petal Press Decor.

Petal Press Decor is unique home decor using fresh OR dried flowers from special occasions and more; pressed and designed into the perfect piece for you! All Petal Press Decor pieces are created by hand in Lafayette, Louisiana by designer & founder Arrie Broussard. How did it all start, you ask? It started when I decided to quit my profession to pursue my passion. While trying to make my way through the world of teaching, I quickly realized that I wasn't able to use my creativity as I hoped I would. As that part of my life came to a close, my brain was constantly thinking of ways to still positively impact people while using my creative juices!

After taking bridal pictures with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, I was constantly thinking about what I could possibly do to preserve them forever. I couldn't bear the thought of throwing them away; and while hanging them upside down on a wall is beautiful, I felt the need to take it a few steps further!

One day while in conversation with my dad, I suddenly remembered pressing flowers as a child with my mom. Living in the country, there wasn't much else going on. I decided to take the concept of flower-pressing and add my own twist... and then, Petal Press was born! I created my very first Petal Press using the flowers and greenery from the bouquet used in my Bridal pictures.

This entire concept has been made possible with the love and support of family and friends; as well as a tremendous amount of help from my dad and the amazing shop that he has in his backyard. He always makes sure that I am fully stocked with cut & sanded wood for each Petal Press that I create.

Each new piece is created thoughtfully and crafted by hand, and I pride myself on each design being as unique as my customers! Whether flowers are fresh or years old, I will create a beautiful keepsake for you to cherish. Petal Press also offers customers to simply choose a color scheme for their piece; in times when all you want is unique home decor (without providing the flowers).

I am so grateful for the journey that God has graciously chosen for me, and I look forward to continuing it with all of you! For more information on how this process works, please visit my website

-Arrie Broussard | Owner & Designer

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