Sympathy Flowers - Visual Expression of Love

Published on: Jan 21st, 2020

At one time or another, perhaps when we were young, very old, or in between the two, we have experienced the loss of a dear loved one, friend, or acquaintance. Funeral traditions have changed over the years. Funeral services and visitation times vary widely these days. Some families plan for 2 or 3 days of visitation prior to the service itself, allowing for those out of town to be present, and some families want a shorter visitation and service that are held within a few hours on the same day.
The one thing that doesn’t change is the love and support that the family needs from friends and family during this difficult time. Regardless of the time constraints, remember that flowers are a visual expression of sympathy, love, and respect.  The special thoughts you find difficult to put into words are best expressed with flowers.
Flowers sent to the funeral home will create an atmosphere of beauty and warmth, surrounding the family with a present reminder that so many people care about them.
Many choices are available when sending a sympathy tribute.  Flowers can be designed on a standing easel, a container, basket, or wreath. Many different flowers and designs are available. Family keepsakes have become popular to send with sympathy tributes as well. Most florists now carry keepsake items. Keepsake crosses, tapestries, garden statuary, and flowers designed in birdbaths that can later grace the garden after the service, are all appropriate and popular to send to the funeral home. Another thoughtful gesture is to send flowers to the family at their home after the service has passed. A green plant or vase of fresh flowers will let them know that you are carrying them in your thoughts and prayers after the service has passed.
When you order flowers for a sympathy tribute your florist may ask you if you have any special requests. Perhaps the deceased was an active outdoorsman, a fisherman, or had a favorite sports team. Maybe she loved to cook and garden, or crochet. Little reminders can be added to the flowers or plants, such as fishing lures, cat tails, wooden spoons, garden tools, crochet hooks, etc. Adding these special items are another way to honor a special life worth remembering. Your florist will be happy to accommodate your requests and will guide you in making tasteful selections. Plants are also popular to send. A living green plant that the family can take home can also be customized to include a keepsake or special color ribbon to commemorate a favorite team or school.
Calling an established, experienced, professional florist that is located in the same area will insure that you are not disappointed with the selection you have made, and that the flowers are fresh and delivered in a timely fashion. A pro florist will call and make sure of the visitation and service time, and will do their best to complete your chosen design as requested. A good website is also indicative of the florist you have chosen. The items they show will give you an idea of the designs available. You are not limited when you choose a professional florist. Colors and flowers can be changed on any design that they are showing on their website. Flowers at a funeral are traditional and the memories they leave will remain long after the service has concluded. So if you are wondering if you should send flowers, the answer is yes. The sentiment that goes with those flowers will be treasured by the bereaved and let them know that they are remembered.
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