Community Support or Donation Guidelines

Spedale’s Florist is honored to be a member of the wonderful community of Lafayette and the Acadiana area. It has long been our privilege to support the local schools and non-profit organizations who do so much for the betterment of our area. While we wish we could support every good cause, function or activity, we must maintain a balance within our annual donation budget. Please review the following guidelines to determine whether your organization meets our criteria for a donation. Also note, that while you may meet the criteria, filling out a Donation Request Form is not a guarantee that we may be able to help out in your important function at this time. Request forms must be submitted 30 days prior to the event and will be reviewed by committee monthly for approval.


  • Not-for-profit organization providing services or improvements for the community. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support to for-profit organizations (company events, employee recognition, etc.) and third-party organizations. It is our policy to directly support an organization rather than support a third-party event that benefits a charity
  • Cultural Arts serving large audiences with the highest quality programming.
  • Schools – Having such a large number of schools in our area, we have made a practice of supporting certain team sports, activities, and other specific awards in local schools. However, we encourage you to fill out a form for your school function and we will be more than happy to review it. At this time we are unable to provide floral arrangements or flowers for school functions or events. We do offer a special school rate for flowers on these occasions.
  • We are unable to provide sponsorship of individual events or advertising.

If your organization meets the criteria listed for a donation, you are invited to submit a Donation Request Form. While all requests are for worthwhile endeavors, we receive many more than we can provide support for. Therefore, although the request meets all of the criteria listed above, we may have to decline the request due to budgetary constraints. It is our practice to vary our community support each year by providing donations to new organizations each year, thereby assisting as many organizations as possible.

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Thank you for considering Spedale’s Florist and giving us the opportunity to contribute to the success of your event.

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