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Reward Points

Welcome To Our Reward Points Program!  Start earning points right away!

For every dollar spent you'll receive one Reward Points. Reward Points can be redeemed during checkout for cash savings on future online purchases.

Points= $ Value -  

250   =  $12.50

500   =  $25.00

750   =  $37.50

1000 =  $50.00

  • You MUST create an account at check-out to start accumulating points. 
  • Prior sales excluded. Points begin accumulating once you join the program. 
  • Reward Points can only be used and accumulated on ONLINE Sales.
  • Reward Points cannot be redeemed for cash payout or applied to your house account or payment.  They are limited to future purchases only. 
  • Reward Point program updated 4-29-2021

For more information please visit us or call, one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.


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