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The color of rose that you choose sometimes has a special meaning. We have shared below information on traditional color meanings of roses that have developed throughout the years. This is a guide to help you choose your rose color. We do want to mention that there are times that special meanings, color choices and the local customs of your area may vary from our guide.  Rose colors and your choices are not bound by this guide. Personal choice is always the best choice. 


Red Roses
Red Roses represent romantic love, passion, and desire. Red Roses are chosen for Anniversary Celebrations, Valentine's Day, and Birthdays. When you want to convey feelings of true love, Red Roses are appropriate for all occasions. Roses can be designed in many different ways. From the traditional vase arrangement of twelve long stem roses with assorted greenery and filler, to a unique high style arrangement of assorted jewel tone flowers with Red Roses added. Impressive fresh designs can feature two, three, and even four dozen Red Roses. Sending beautiful fresh Red Roses convey thoughts of beauty, loveliness, and admiration. Through extensive production by specialized flower farms, Red Roses are available year round and are by far the most popular choice for Valentine's Day. Freedom and Black Baccara are two of the many varieties available.

Coral Roses
Happiness is the essence of the Coral Rose. An appropriate choice for many occasions. The Coral Rose also stands for desire and excitement and is a great way to let someone know how you truly feel about them. Movie Star is a beautiful variety of the Coral Rose.

Lilac or Lavender Roses
Purple, Lavender, and Lilac Roses represent royalty, opulence, and luxury. Light Lavender Roses speak for love at first sight and enchantment. Often times Purple Roses are known as the Mystical Rose and also denote spiritual enlightenment. Lavender Roses are available in varied shades of Purple, Lavender, and Lilac. Cool Water and Ocean Song are two of the many commercially grown Rose varieties included in the Lavender family of Roses.

Orange Roses
Orange Roses signify cheerful, vibrant good health and energy. Bright Orange Roses invoke feelings of enthusiasm and fascination. Arrangements that include Orange Roses are perfect for Get Well and Birthday gifts. Seasonal fall arrangements with a mixture of Orange Roses and assorted fall flowers are wonderful additions to Thanksgiving table centerpieces. Orange Unique and Tropical Amazone are two of the many varieties available.

Peach Roses
Peach Roses convey the sentiments of sincerity, gratitude, and appreciation. Peach Roses are often sent as personal and corporate thank you gifts. Loyalty and friendship are also included in the meaning of the peach Rose. The calming soft color is often chosen as an expression of sympathy. Peach Roses are a perfect choice to let a friend know that you are thinking of them. Oceana and Versilia are two exceptional varieties.

Pink Roses
Pink Roses stand for many sentiments, joy, gratitude, innocence, gentleness, and grace. Pink represents femininity, sensitivity, and tenderness. Pink Roses are appropriate to send for many occasions, love and romance, to wish someone Happy Birthday, Thank You gifts and to welcome a new baby girl. Pink Roses are a popular choice for weddings. Sophie and Impression are two examples of Pink Rose varieties.

Pale Pink Roses
The meaning of pale Pink Roses includes innocence, joy, sweetness, charm and love. Pink Roses are also popular for sympathy tributes.

Light Pink Roses
Light Pink Roses represent fun, happiness, and admiration. Sweet, cute, and charming light pink roses are a great choice for many occasions. 

Deep Pink Roses
Deep Pink Roses convey feelings of admiration and thanks. Deep Pink Roses are a wonderful way to send wedding Thank You gifts and any time you want to let someone know that you admire them.

White Roses
The many meanings of White Roses include innocence, purity, loyalty, truth, silence, reverence, and humility. White Roses are often selected for weddings and sympathy tributes. White Roses are appropriate for many occasions, pure love and remembrance, I miss you, and you're heavenly to name a few. White Roses are a popular choice for timeless elegant weddings. Polo, Escimoe, and Vendela are three of the most popular White and Cream Roses available.

Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses signify friendship, hope, and positivity. Yellow Roses also represent happiness, optimism, and freedom. Send Yellow Roses and you will be sending happiness and sunshine. Yellow is a happy, youthful color and is perfect to send to brighten someone's day and wish them well. Yellow Roses are also a way to welcome someone back after an absence, often sent as housewarming gifts, Yellow Roses deliver smiles. Gold Strike Roses and Skyline are popular choices for Yellow Roses.

Combining Rose Colors

New meanings arise when you combine two rose colors. Here are just a few examples:

  • Red and Yellow Roses
    Expresses happiness and celebration
  • Red and White Roses
    Symbolizes unity or an engagement
  • White and Yellow Roses
    Symbolizes harmony

Additional Rose Symbols

A bouquet of blooming roses in any color conveys gratitude and symbolizes beauty and perfection. Or you can opt for sending a message with a single rose.

  • Single Red Rose
    "I love you"
  • Single Rose In Any Color
    "Thank you"
  • Two Roses Entwined
    "Marry me"
  • A Thornless Rose
    "It was love at first sight"
  • Tea Roses
    "I’ll always remember you"
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